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A visio stencil for DMN

March 12, 2014

Hi all. I created a Visio stencil for the DMN notation (decision model notation). This is made by me personally and is based on the beta OMG specification here.

Finally found a reason to use this blog! (my tweet will not be indexed to searchers of Google apparently)


Hello world, with a message!

March 20, 2012

I can’t just have Hello World as the default under my name! However I don’t have anything to post here right now. I was originally cross posting from my Posterous blog to the SAP Community Network, but with the new updates to SCN I don’t think I’ll need to cross post anymore (SEO is much better on the new blogging platform).

My actual reason for migration to WordPress is due to the aquisition of Posterous by Twitter. All guesses point to an impending shutdown of the service, so I thought I would move everything over to WordPress now.

The only question now is that if I’m not cross posting my blogs anymore, then what will I post here on WordPress? Probably not much for the time being, but if I ever need to post any non-SAP professional content I’ll likely put it here. For now though it’s still pretty much empty!